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Whew, none of the Digital Technology Group’s experiments took the roof off St Luke’s. On the contrary, aided with projected visuals by Falmouth University digital arts students, ‘Present. Curate. Collaborate. Innovate’ was an engrossing hour of varied work.

And it was work. I spoke briefly to the evening’s curator, the chasteningly talented Ayanna Witter-Johnson, after the show. She explained that her role was to help each of the DTG members work up their ideas into performable pieces. Of necessity this meant figuring out what kind of support they needed in a process that began leisurely enough in November but – as these things do – became increasingly labour-intensive as the concert day approached.

Not that she once betrayed any sign of this, handling her combined responsibilities as cellist, singer, mentor, compere and overall superintendent of proceedings with cool grace. She tells me she’s learning how to compartmentalise the different parts of her multi-faceted career – one that straddles several musical worlds, one where she’s almost having to invent her own path – to focus only on what she’s doing at a time. A reminder that even for those performers who appear the most natural, it comes on the back of immense dedication and hard work. Chasteningly talented indeed.


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