Is it a bird? Is it a plane?….Oh…it’s a bird….

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Group A leaving at 5.30am after the concert or group B leaving at 10.25 am.

Which would you choose?

B. Well done, that is the correct answer, after all, leaving Poland at that ungodly hour would render me incapable of being sprightly dad at half term. So Group B it is, a little later home, but a more refreshed and capable father I shall be.

We arrived the airport and checked in; I then went through passport control where the man behind the desk looked at me and my photo many times. He then ran my passport through the machine and looked at me again. I wasn’t wearing a suspicious looking jumper or anything, maybe he was a friend of Schubert, I don’t know, but he eventually let me pass. If you’ve flown recently, you’ll know that security has been tightened again, but it was rather alarming going through the scanners. For some reason, the powers that be in Warsaw have decided that the people that operate the bag and body scanners should now look more intimidating. Whereas before they used to wear pseudo-security uniforms and a badge that said,


  1. Keith (5 years ago)

    Hasn’t the Maestro got his own plane? Not sure you could fit 48 on it, thought maybe if you all squashed up a bit?

  2. claire (5 years ago)

    ……..we all had the Dunkirk spirit!!!!!

    • LSO (5 years ago)

      or was it the Blitz spirit? Close run thing. By the way, I think I owe you

  3. Basia (from Sweden) (5 years ago)

    What an absolutely amazing blog. Just discovered it, and I’m giggling and laughing my way back through previous tours!

    As for Polish passport control, what can I say, it was worse in the 80′s during martial law… To prevent that the flute is mistaken for a clarinet ;) , try assuring a Pole that ‘this is a flute’, by saying: “To jest flet”
    (‘et’ in flet is pronounced as in English “set” or “get”.)

    Happy travelling and playing!

  4. limewire (4 years ago)

    wow amazing info man.


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