The Mahler Question

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After a relaxing break for a couple of weeks in the summer it would be nice to gradually ease myself back into work with something low pressure and easy. Of course in the music business this simply doesn’t happen and so this week we were thrown straight back into the whirlwind of Valery and the Proms. The Scriabin Symphony No 1 was unknown to most people unlike the Firebird. The orchestra gave its all and even managed to set fire to one of the television monitors placed behind us narrowly avoiding the combustible LSO chorus. It was all put out by the time the Firebird started in the second half and it was left to a well rested orchestra to burn the house down for the first time this season. Judging by the roar of approval at the end, which made half the orchestra jump, I think the prommers enjoyed it as did most of the critics.

Fairly shortly afterwards we got on a plane. There was no strike and no volcano although we were still delayed at Gatwick of course and so a quick lunch in Ljubljana was followed by the first of two concerts. After the Prom in which I was pretty busy as it goes, I was lucky enough to be playing second piccolo in Mahler 5 and I wasn’t in the first half at all. This felt like a fairly relaxed concert as I got to sit next to Sharon, who makes my piccolo playing sound better, and Adam


  1. Elizabeth Owen (4 years ago)

    Gareth thanks for the wonderful and superb Prom. We enjoyed it so much and sitting in the block next to/in the first violins we were able to watch all of you so closely.
    Incidentally please thank the Japanese young lady violin player for causing much hilarity amongst the prommers when she came on. A stole and a tiara? How do you play the violin wearing a stole? I know it was a prom. but she really didn’t have to go to so much trouble!

  2. Maxine Kwok-Adams (4 years ago)

    This is the CHINESE lady who was in the tiara and stole! ;-) I think of those poor old prommers who have to stand through the whole concert and like to blind them with some bling! My motto is always to over dress for occasions. I have learnt to adjust my violin technique to anything I am wearing… U should see me at a televised concert ;-)

  3. Elizabeth Owen (4 years ago)

    Oh dear sorry didn’t mean to be racist just ignorant! I should think you blinded the maestro never mind anyone else. Maybe there should be a dress code???

    • LSO (4 years ago)

      We have a dress code! The lovely ladies of the LSO are allowed even encouraged to wear sparkles. You should see us in rehearsals though…

  4. Maxine Kwok-Adams (4 years ago)

    How dull if we all wore funereal black. I have only ever had compliments from whichever Maestro is on the podium. Interestingly enough many of us think it’s a shame the audiences don’t dress up anymore but that’s another debate! Enjoy the music, that’s what it’s all about after all!

    • LSO (4 years ago)

      OK, enough already you two! Lets just agree to disagree and let the music do the talking. Or the blog of course.


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