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Two weeks into my holiday, I decided that I could no longer ignore the pile of paperwork and accounts on my desk. It is difficult to relax with a bulging in tray sneering at you, so I woke up one morning and decided to tackle the mountain. It was of course the hottest day of the year, so most of my receipts were damp by the end of the day. However, after the recent political expenses scandal, I payed particular attention to my train fares and taxi receipts. I finished by the afternoon, and as fortune was smiling on me and the sun was still high in the sky, I decided to clean my own moat instead of paying someone else this year.

After sorting out my affairs, relaxing and spending some much needed time with my family it was time to get the tube out of the box and get back to work.


You know how athletes spend time easing gently back into training after a break? Wimps the lot of them. We came back to a Valery rehearsal-full throttle. 6 hours of Schnittke, Shostakovitch 8 and 11 and La Mer which we pretty much repeated the next day. My back contorted into its normal crooked positions and the old tensions surfaced within hours. Trouble is, thats what works and sounds good, so there you are.

Anyway, yesterday we got up at an hour my body hadn’t seen for 3 weeks and travelled to Ljublijana. I’m glad to say that we arrived in time to have lunch in what is a very beautiful city. I ended up in a place which claimed to be the oldest restaurant in town-having said that, I’m sure I’ve been to another one that claimed the same thing, but that may have been in Swindon, I forget. Anyway, it was full of traditional fayre the like of which we don’t get in London. I decided to have the local venison which was lovely and preferable to the


  1. Sal (5 years ago)

    What a lovely blog! I am sure it is having such a wonderful section leader that helps your roses bloom! x

  2. Elizabeth Owen (5 years ago)

    Welcome back all of you from a very well deserved rest. Something intrigues me are you allowed to socialise with your conductors on tour or do you have to keep a respectful distance ha, ha.
    Good luck tonight.

    • LSO (5 years ago)

      Actually, we’ve just bumped into Dan Harding in Salzburg and had a beer. Although he’s not conducting us this week, I think that is a yes to your question!

  3. Ed Fox (5 years ago)

    As a 31 year old amateur flutist (fluatist?) who plays for fun and stress relief (I am taking my Trinity Grade 5 in three weeks with all the other 7 year old girls and boys), am buoyed by professional player being contorted and crooked during playing. I spend most of my time trying to achieve zen like ‘OM’ state in order to get sound out of tube, inevitably lapsing back into crooked contortedness. Seems to work for me too, despite nagging, and patient, teacher.

  4. LSO (5 years ago)

    Oh Ed! You are going to get me in trouble with your teacher! You should always aim to sit up properly, I’m just a bit lazy! Not sure about OM though, you’ll start sounding like Jethro Tull-mind you, that would be all right!
    Good luck with your grade 5 by the way, its great that you are doing it as an adult, that takes courage to be surrounded by a load of flashy 7 year olds. Let us all know how you get on.

  5. Ed Fox (5 years ago)

    Remember being accused by Vicar’s daughter of being ‘turned in too much’. We laughed about that. Funny thing is, she was right.

    Hmm. Ian Anderson a hero of mine…

    Off to murder Quantz!


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