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We had a free day today, (well, except for the concert in the evening) so a small group of us from the woodwind section thought it would be nice to wander down to the Prado. Unfortunately the weather was being very British, so by the time we reached the gallery we were soaked to the skin. The first thing we did when we arrived was pile into the cafe to warm up with a hot drink-we sat, huddled round hot chocolate, steaming gently. The Prado was as interesting as ever, with paintings I hadn’t had time to see when I was there last time. After a few hours of walking round we all decided that we had had enough, my back was aching and my feet were still very wet indeed. To prevent trench foot, we reconvened in a restaurant near the hotel which has one of those fantastically mistranslated menus. Now I don’t wish to laugh at things like this especially as my Spanish skills are limited, but sometimes its easier to try and translate the Spanish menu rather than translate the English menu. In case you were wondering, we all had the special of the day which was

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  1. Paul (6 years ago)

    Sounds like Hoffnung at the Oxford Union, also made into an Irish ditty on the lines of why Paddy won’t be in to work today – the barrow/barrel and the bricks. Better luck next time!


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