LSO Centenary Visit to New York City

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So, the traffic into New York City is terrible this evening. However as I have my laptop and the clever American bus has Wifi, I thought I’d let you know about an article in the New York Times. Some of you may remember the twitter account we had using diaries from the 1912 tour to the US a few months ago. You might want to have a look at this article Michael White has written.

Have a look here


  1. Mary Rodriguez (2 years ago)

    Who was the lone woman in the LSO in the 1912 tour, and what instrument did she play? Also can the 1912 diaries be seen anywhere? Really enjoyed the article.

    • Gareth Davies (2 years ago)

      Hi Mary
      Miriam Timothy was the harpist with the LSO in 1912. If you look at the picture of the band in front of the train, she can be seen in a huge hat on the footplate. We tweeted the diaries in realtime 100 years later recently and you can still read through the highlights online here

      Watch out for a book in May next year…


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