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Japanese shop, but what does it sell?

Japanese shop, but what does it sell?

Good Morning everyone. Its nearly 10am in London, but 7pm here. Thanks for all your comments, keep them coming in, its good to know what you think. Important matters now.

So I expect you are all wondering what the shop sells and who has won the complete set of LSO live CDs ?

Well, I can tell you that the shop in question doesn’t sell sushi, or golf clubs, or hip hop records.

It sells the winning combination of stringed instruments and vegetables!
Yep, I guess the owner saw the genetic link between the two.

Surprisingly nobody got the correct answer, I am shocked at your lack of imagination.

You can still buy the cds though or download them off iTunes. I’m listening to the new Sibelius with Colin at the moment, Marvellous.

More blogs later today-find out what I did on my day off.

Go to go, I have a concert to play in.


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