Holy Moly! Its Bucharest…I think

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It’s quite usual for me to arrive in a city, leave the hotel, which is different to the one we stayed on previous trips, and not recognise anything at all. There are times when I begin to doubt myself and think that maybe I’m mixing places up. The one constant is the concert hall give or take the odd change in bigger towns, but normally as we approach the concert hall I am suddenly flooded with memories of previous visits, repertoire and restaurants. It is from this central reference point that my brain begins to map out old haunts and invites the discovery of new ones.

When we arrived in Bucharest yesterday, I remembered very clearly the hall. It is very big, brown inside and the side of the building is peppered with bullet holes from 1989. We were here a few years ago when we were conducted by Sir Colin Davis. Concerts with Colin are always an important event, but I remember walking along the back stage area and seeing the sign on his dressing room, beautifully presented with the Enescu logo and it said


  1. silvie (3 years ago)

    I remember seeing you in Bucharest at the Enescu festival, just possibly it was the last time you were there 5 years ago. Interesting to hear how the city is changing now and I would love to go back again…or even be there now to hear you conducted by Znaider who I respect greatly.

    Best wishes

  2. Razvan (3 years ago)

    Thanks for coming in Romania, folks. What a wonderful treat! We are always proud and eagger to having you here. Come again, will you? :)

    • LSO (3 years ago)

      I really hope we can come again, we had such a great time! Glad you enjoyed the concert.

  3. Cristian Mocanu (3 years ago)

    I watched both your concerts in TVR’s online streaming. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks for coming to (and blogging from) my country! And you’re right…it’s not Budapest :)

    • LSO (3 years ago)

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the concerts. hank you for making us all feel so welcome in your country, I look forward to visiting again soon

  4. Florentina MARCUS (3 years ago)

    Thank you very much for being again in Romania. It was a delight to listen you live on Friday, 9th of September. Unfortunately I wasn’t from the beginning at the concert, but belive me I was overwhelmed when you’ve started to play Brahms. My eyes burst to tears.

    Thank you for all your energy and warmth, also for your kind words!
    Dear friends, hope to see you back soon,
    Florentina :)

  5. Jennifer Lang (3 years ago)

    In fact the Brahms was absolutely superb. Considering how the Marinksy Theatre Symphony struggled with the accoustic the following evenings, the LSO made it sound as though a communist meeting hall was the easiest and most complimentary of performance spaces.

    Thank you for making a trip to Bucharest worth while and yes, isn’t the Old Town fantastic?!


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    [...] Holy Moly! Its Bucharest


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