Cutting the mustard in Dijon

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I don’t know what the French for joie de vivre is, but I left mine somewhere on the Barbican stage on Thursday night after Daphnis and Chloe. Well, really it was after a week which began 2 weeks earlier which had 2 performances of Daphnis, La Mer and a couple of concerti as well. For good measure we did a quick Damnation of Faust as well on Tuesday night. Sadly the devil was ill. You can’t rely on anyone these days.

Anyway, the reason I am trying to find out some key French phrases is that this weekend sees us on the Eurostar on the way to Dijon. I got home after the concert at midnight and had to leave for St Pancras at 6 am. Its fair to say that the train was very quiet indeed.

Now if you are familiar with recent LSO history, the mention of Dijon should set alarm bells ringing. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me take you back in time…in time…in time…

It was way back in, ooh, 2008 when we set out for our first ever trip to Dijon. We had been working the night before and all the instruments were on the van overnight through the tunnel. At 7.15am Sue got a call. She knows that usually means impending disaster. It was.

We arrived in Dijon on time. Our instruments didn’t. In fact they were still in England and there was no way they were going to arrive in time. It was at this point that the good people of Dijon rallied round with community spirit finding instruments for us to play on. Old ladies turned up with cellos form their attic. Young musicians bought their violins in and local music shops donated flutes so that the concert could go ahead. If it had happened in London, people would have been sing phrases such as


  1. Ashley (5 years ago)

    Sorry to hear about Bryns mishap! Hopefully he saved his fingers?

    Can’t wait to see you all in NYC!!!

  2. Erika (5 years ago)

    Poor Bryn! Hope he heals up quickly!
    And I see you found some inspiration for your blog too. =]

  3. Tim (5 years ago)

    I’ve always supposed orchestra managers must lead fairly exciting lives…I suppose this proves that they do!


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