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There is a storm here almost every afternoon-I know that this is not particularly interesting but I just needed an excuse to mention lightning.Many thanks to all my friends who alerted me to my spelling mistakes!I cannot spell at the best of times but I was very tired and emotional…..well that is my excuse anyway.

It is hard to believe that the first three LSO concerts have already been and gone.I particularly enjoyed saturday nights concert, conducted by Marin Alsop.The first half was a world premiere of an arrangement of the Symphonic Dances from West Side Story.Evelyn Glennie was the soloist in the arrangement by Craig Leon for solo percussion and ensemble.I was not involved in the piece but I did get a chance to listen from backstage and I thought it sounded wonderful.The concert was an all American affair and Appalchian Spring by Copland was the perfect start to the second half.However the highlight of the evening for me was Gershwins Rhapsody in Blue.The soloist was Simon Trpceski and he thrilled the audience and the orchestra with his stunning playing.Chi Yu Mo dazzled us all with his superb clarinet solos.

Last nights concert was something completely different and Daniel Harding made his Florida International Festival debut.Carmine Lauri and Tim Hugh thrilled us with their performance of Brahms Double Concerto.Simply stunning!The programme also included Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique which we performed in Japan,China,Taiwan,Malaysia and Spain with Daniel Harding earlier this year.You can read all about it in the far east blog.

The orchestra has a day off today!There are lots of different things to do here and I imagine that many people will spend the day sky-diving,Harley riding or getting involved in other life threatening activities.Or you can just spend the day by the pool or on the golf course.Sadly I have to rehearse for a quartet concert tomorrow night.I may be turning into a workaholic….The other members of the Vuillaume Quartet are Tom Norris,Robert Turner and Alistair Blayden.Tom came up with the idea for this particular concert-the audience gets to decide which work is performed!We are each going to present a quartet,play some extracts from each one and then have a vote.The audience will not know in advance which quartets are being presented.I hope that this does not all go horribly wrong-I really want to play the quartet that I am presenting and I may sulk if it does not get selected!We are unsure about the voting process-this is Florida after all.I am sure that they will demand a recount.It is a shame that the concert only lasts an hour or we could have organised a eurovision style voting ceremony.Another time maybe?Watch this space to see which quartet wins!


  1. Nikola (7 years ago)

    SImon Trpceski ROCKS! What a thrill he is!

  2. Cheryl (7 years ago)

    Sarah, I write you now, teary-eyed, thinking of Sunday’s afternoon performance, and Friday evening’s too, even though I didn’t get to see that one. But my thirteen year old violinist did, both actually. And I am so grateful that I have had the good fortune to live in a place where this opportunity is available to her. It’s the LSO for crying out loud! Every future musical experience for her will be compared to this week, and I love it that her standards of quality and beauty will be so high.

    I grew up in a home without classical music, and I’m smart enough to know that I missed out terribly. Thank you for this gift to our community and to families like ours. Thank you for braving the lightning and the rumbling storms to be here. You are so appreciated and loved here in Central Florida.

  3. Jack (7 years ago)

    Sarah: I understand there was an encore played after Sunday afternoon’s scheduled program of the Brahms Double and the Berlioz. What was it?

  4. Bob (7 years ago)

    Sarah: Enjoyed the performance last night (July 24th). I voted for your piece (I always root for the underdog), but sadly, it was not meant to be. I knew as soon as Mozart was offered, all hope was lost:). That being said, you really can’t lose with Mozart. It sounded wonderful.
    Thank you for coming and we hope to see you all again in a couple of years!

  5. peter (7 years ago)

    You guys are awesome

  6. Erika (7 years ago)

    i must say that florida in the summer is full of afternoon storms. but if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes–it will be sunny if it is raining, or raining if it is sunny.
    i must say as a high school student in a school with NO music classes whatsoever, that i am VERY happy that the LSO is in residence in Daytona. i live an hour away, so the drive is definitely worth it.
    i actually just got back from the AT&T youth ensemble/LSO concert at the peabody and was delighted. i was selected as an alternate flutist for the concert which was an honor. i have learned to love the word alternate now as a result of that. i love the LSO and it will always be a big part of my life!

  7. Bill (7 years ago)

    Sarah, Its so great to have you guys in town!!!!
    Come back LSO

  8. Sarah (7 years ago)

    I was lucky enough to attend the first three classical concerts, and all of them were simply superb! My favorites include the Firebird Suite, Rhapsody in Blue, and the Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique. Hearing the LSO play and having the chance to work with you all (with the AT&T Youth Ensemble) has led me to seriously consider a career path in musical performance, thank you so much!


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