Ladies and Gentlemen…please welcome the Chairman of the London Symphony Orchestra

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I couldn


  1. Barry Marsh (3 years ago)

    Love this story!

    But…..for the purists (who ruin everything I know) – Ludwig lost his hearing in Heiligenstadt, on the outskirts of Vienna!

    Looking forward to your next Barbican season.

    Barry Marsh

    • LSO (3 years ago)

      What you don’t know though Barry, is that Maxine bought the offending earring in the Jewellers in Heiligenstadt on her Pan European cycle ride last summer.

  2. lipkinhorn (3 years ago)

    Roflmao!!! Oh soooo funny!!! Now be very careful I know a very nice joke about flute players rehearsing Carmen at the Paris Opera.

  3. maxine kwok-adams (3 years ago)

    Don’t tell everyone I did that pan-european cycle ride.. ;-)


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