Game, set and match….Langr

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Bless Maxine Kwok-Adams!

For those of you who are not aware, Maxine is our resident fashionista of the 1st violin section.

If column inches on a well known social networking site were the only measure of a person’s popularity then MK-A would surely rival John Lennon in those stakes…and we all know who HE compared himself and three of his mates to. Max was one of the first to pass judgement on my inaugural blog entry (and thank you Max for your kind words) but not before announcing on unsaid website that -

(she), “Has gone all red, amateur error!! Mind you, I did spend all day floating on a lilo in the hotel pool, bliss! Cold shower, then rehearsal!”

You will recall the idea of the colour comparison chart from the last blog.

It is reassuring to know that, having mentioned in print what I thought would be certain inevitabilities, there is always someone there just to back you up. Maxine, I salute you!

There can only be one piece of advice for poor Max, and yes, “I will say zis only once……Aloe, Aloe.”

Yesterday’s rehearsals, back in the Studio in Venelles brought the first signs of the reality of working in a climate such as that of Provence. The large aircraft hanger like rehearsal room is a fairly anonymous space in which to prepare an opera but it served it’s purpose well enough. The rehearsal of the previous day had not started until 7.00pm so the evening had already cooled down to a very pleasant mid to late 20′s Celsius. A huge air-conditioning unit outside the hall was whirring away pumping cool air into the building through a tube of such diameter that it resembled one of those enclosed flume slides that you find at water theme parks. Surely such a machine could refrigerate an entire orchestra and it’s entourage with little fuss or bother. That evening, yes.

The morning after; a resounding no.

The fans of the LSO were out in force at the 11am rehearsal…and no, I’m not referring to hordes of screaming women..or men who may or may not hurl themselves in the orchestra’s direction. Anything flat that could be waved in front of one’s face was utilised in order to cool down. Papers, magazines…even sheet music all doubled as air-wafters whilst the air-con system struggled to lower the heat with limited success.

It’s hard to concentrate in such an environment, but there was work to be done and Monsieur Langr


  1. James F. Mothersbaugh, Jr. (3 years ago)

    A story worthy of the Berlioz “Evenings With the Orchestra!!”

  2. Ashley Donaldson (3 years ago)

    I second the Berlioz statement!

  3. Maxine Kwok-Adams (3 years ago)

    I brought aloe with me! But funnily lavender oil and water was recommended last time I burnt in langkawi so I guess I’m in the right place to buy that!! ;-)


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