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I actually put my flute in my hand carry-on for the flight home, mostly because my suitcase was overweight (thankfully Sarah was with me to distract the check-in guy) and I was shoving everything I could into hand luggage. Thankfully I remembered to take the screwdriver out (I hope I won’t need that?!) and I left the gloves in Philly – if I decide a career in a marching band is for me, then I’ll swing by Sarah’s and grab them! I also found a little tub of what I thought was some lip balm, but after realising I cannot play the flute in lippie or gloss (I did try) it must be something to ease the flute together…

This book/guide was waiting for me on my return and I eagerly made a start to stave off jet lag. I was a little perplexed by the diagram. People keep saying it’s like a recorder on its side but it’s a hell of a long time since I had a recorder in my grip! I work out quickly that I get tired holding the flute up so it’s horizontal to the floor.. plus how do people play if they are well-endowed in the chest area?! I hope that my current stance of playing it with the end pointing down is kosher. I am back at work on Wednesday so I will have a subtle glance over at the flute section from time to time. I have already mentioned to Gareth and Sharon that I will need them to check I am putting the flute together properly. When I play C I feel like I am about the drop the flute. I have been practising sitting on the bed, so at the moment if I drop it, it’s ok, but I doubt the Grade 1 exam will be in a padded cell (unless my section colleagues really have driven me stark raving bonkers by then).

I have only managed to learn an octave so far but I have reached a section with duets for pupil and teacher so maybe one of them will oblige if I offer them a beer from the artists’ bar…

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