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Twitter is a useful tool isn’t it? I tweeted that I wondered why I was getting notes out an octave higher on my flute. One violinist responded that I was overblowing, sounds about right since I am full of hot air! Another tweeter shouted, “IT’S CALLED A VIOLIN!” Thanks for that, I am not as dumb as I look, don’t answer that.

I am finding it amusing how much I am enjoying getting to know the flute. I think my husband is quite shocked seeing as he’s heard about 5 mins of my violin playing at home since we got married and suddenly I am disappearing off every so often with my trusty “Learn as U play flute” by Peter Wastall. (By the way – Learn what? German? Nail art? I am supposed to be learning the flute??) A couple of times he’s piped up with, “Noisy!” and I thank heavens I didn’t opt for Sarah’s brother’s sax..

I also think my eagerness to learn is not only fuelled by the desire to see this amazing Gradeone-athon project set up by Jo Watts succeed to the best of its ability and raise loads of money for charity, but also because I don’t like to be mediocre at something. Don’t get me wrong, I am mediocre at many, MANY things ranging from housework to my taxes to cooking, but in musical terms, if I can possibly get somewhere with hard work, then I‘ll happily put in the time.

By the way, haven’t gotten round to blinging my case yet. I have added a little stamp of Maxine on it if anyone can recognise what the crest is!

About Gradeoneathon
Maxine is taking Grade 1 Flute as part of the Gradeoneathon, along with many other professional musicians, to raise money for Crossfire.

You can find out more about Gradeone-athon and donate to the charity on the website:

And watch this film to find out more about the charity the challenge is supporting in this video:

And have a look at the Facebook Group for more updates on the musicians’ progress:


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