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Those who have been reading my official LSO blog from Aix (and if you haven’t then shame on you!) will know what the orchestra has been up to this last month in work and play.

I did pack my pink flute and Peter Wastall book with good intentions but for two weeks they were gathering dust over the mini bar. I suddenly realised with some musicians already having taken the Grade 1 exam and the Channel 4 news feature highlighting the charity and the celebs taking part, only having a handful of notes at my disposal was not to going to help me progress to the exam pieces. So I set about doing twenty minutes practice a day. Hmm, how did I manage hours of violin practice as a teenager? I would play C to D over and over (without hopefully dropping the flute) whilst looking longingly out the window at the poolside and realise I had done all of two minutes.

Funnily enough the LSO players staying here at the hotel are all down one corridor. After one mini-practice session I left my room in a hurry to get to the pool and bumped into a colleague in the corridor. I apologised for making such a racket and she responded, “Oh! was it you? I know L’Orchestre de Paris are here now and I thought it must be one of them.” Wow, high praise indeed although I seriously doubt any of their flute players would be playing a little three-note ditty called “Swim, swan, swim!” I have mentally made a note to slip a leaflet about ear syringing onto this player’s stand…


About Gradeoneathon

Maxine is taking Grade 1 Flute as part of the Gradeoneathon, along with many other professional musicians, to raise money for Crossfire.

You can find out more about Gradeone-athon and donate to the charity on the website: http://www.childrenincrossfire.org/participate/fundraising/gradeoneathon

And watch this film to find out more about the charity the challenge is supporting in this video:

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