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Took my flute to rehearsal today to great amusement. Actually showed it to Michael Tilson Thomas who commented that it definitely wasn’t bling enough for me, so I think a few crystals will HAVE to be added since the Maestro has given the approval!

I got a few tips from Sharon and guest 2nd flute Patricia today – two of the most glam flute players I know. I had been struggling to play C without gripping the flute or (worse) dropping it. This is why I practise sitting on my bed (any excuse). They gave me some great tips, and Sarah Quinn wandered over to listen in as she is going to learn flute too. (I think she should get an Irish green one!) She suggested a competition between ourselves but seeing as she’s going to be having lessons with Gareth, one of our principal flutes, and I am learning from a book, I don’t think we should make it a monetary wager!

About Gradeoneathon
Maxine is taking Grade 1 Flute as part of the Gradeoneathon, along with many other professional musicians, to raise money for Crossfire.

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