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Well, I reckon 10’s my limit when it comes to conductors. They certainly don’t leave you wanting more at the Donatella Flick competition but, thanks all the same and delicious though they were, I don’t think I could possibly face another one.

And this is going to be a tough one for the panel to decide – I give it at least an hour before we hear from them. Or maybe I’m wrong and it’s totally clear. Maybe I’m wrong about my predictions for tomorrow’s finalists, but in the spirit of these things, I’m going for Alexander Biadjiev, Alexandre Bloch and Stamatia Karampini.

My last choice was this afternoon’s penultimate contestant, and if I’m honest that’s a bit of a wildcard choice. She was certainly the most unconventional of the conductors (not in terms of style; all three of my picks were tremendously graceful in the way they moved), the one I sensed was the most willing to experiment. That doesn’t always go down well, of course, which is why I wouldn’t be surprised to see the panel prefer someone else. I’d say a couple of others are in with a really good shout. And there were no duffers, it almost goes without saying.

And now, the three conductors going through to tomorrow’s final are…


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