Day one result

By | September 28, 2012 at 6:39 pm | No comments | Donatella Flick LSO Conducting Competition Live Blog 2012

Well, I didn’t do badly – 8 of the 10 candidates chosen to go through were on my list. The 10, who for what its worth include both the female competitors who made it to the competitive rounds, are: Alexander Bloch, Alexander Biadjiev, Ben Gernon, Stamatia Karampini, Lio Kuokman, Courtney Lewis, Jonathan Lo, Gemma New, Aziz Sadikowic, Maxime Tortelier.

More about them tomorrow when I’ll be taking a closer look at what they get up to as they tackle three more works: Elgar’s violin concerto and two new pieces, by Helen Grime and Andrew McCormack.


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